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Why Join?

Your membership dues and donations help us advocate for your interests  

  • We've been working hard on behalf of all cottagers to push for an update to the Muskoka River Water Management Plan and ensure it takes into account climate change to prevent future flooding events in Muskoka.
  • In 2022, we played a thoughtful role in Muskoka’s municipal elections, evaluating candidates and ensuring cottagers’ voices were heard and respected.
  • We monitor developments and issues of concern to waterfront ratepayers at the District and Town/Township levels.
  • And finally, we operate one of the most successful, citizen science based water quality testing programs in North America.

How to Join

To join the Muskoka Lakes Association, simply click here and you’ll be redirected to our online registration form.

If you have any questions about joining the Muskoka Lakes Association, please don’t hesitate to contact our office at 705-765-5723, or at

If you have any questions for me, I’m only an email away:

Susan Eplett
President, Muskoka Lakes Association

To add a secondary member to your account, please call the office, or purchase from our online store here and the office will take care of the details

MLA Area Map

Do you live, work, or play anywhere in this area? If so, you can become a member!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the MLA?

The Muskoka Lakes Association is a non-profit organization that was created in 1894. It is a member-based association lead by a volunteer Board of Directors. Its mission is to promote the responsible use, enjoyment and conservation of the unique Muskoka environment.

The MLA is itself a member of the Federation of Ontario Cottagers' Association (FOCA).

What does the MLA do?

Our efforts are concentrated in four areas:

  1. We protect and promote water quality – The MLA operates the most comprehensive water monitoring program of any lake association in Canada.  Known as the Water Quality Initiative, this program focuses on the near shore, where members access water near their residences.  The MLA shares this data with district and municipal governments, and when issues arise, works with a variety of stakeholders to find solutions.
  2. We advocate for responsible government and fair taxation – The MLA believes fair taxation depends on responsible, efficient spending by district, municipal and provincial governments.
  3. We promote responsible land use – The MLA advocates for strong environmental standards and smart, forward-thinking land use and development planning that respects the unique character of Muskoka's communities. 
  4. We lead on important Muskoka issues - The MLA participates in the efforts of Muskoka's district and municipal governments, reporting back to members and taking action on issues that affect waterfront property owners.

Can I be a member of the MLA?

Of course! Anyone can be a member of the Muskoka Lakes Association and we'd be happy to have you join us.

As a new member, you will receive a welcome package.

What is a Secondary Membership?

Secondary memberships were created for families sharing the same cottage.

It works for siblings sharing the same cottage or even for a second generation. As MLA members, your children sharing the same (holiday) home are allowed to be secondary members.

Secondary members benefit from the same advantages as the primary members: they will receive our newsletter ShoreLines and monthly NewsBites, and  they will have their own listing in the Yearbook, although they won't receive it.

Secondary members can order a yearbook while renewing their membership or come by the MLA office to purchase one for $30.

What do I get with my membership?

As a member of the MLA you will be:

  • Kept informed of what's happening in Muskoka all year round: we will send you a monthly report of the Council meetings happening at the Township of Muskoka Lakes, Bracebridge, Gravenhurst and Seguin Townships.
  • Up to date with our activities: you will receive our quarterly newsletter ShoreLines.
  • Listed in and receive our high quality Yearbook.
  • Eligible for our Insurance Program.
  • Able to participate for free at our events such as the annual Aquatic Regatta.
  • Able to attend our seminars free of charge.

I am already a member of my local lake association, can I join?

Yes, you can. We offer different services than your local association and we'll be happy to have you join.

I don't own a cottage on the big lakes, can I join?

Yes, you can join us. We represent waterfront property owners all across Muskoka, whether on big or small lakes. 

I'd like to join but I don't own a cottage in Muskoka

It's still ok to join us! If you have the will to help us protect the Muskoka we love, it's not a requirement to be a cottage owner.

Lots of cottagers who leave Muskoka are still members of the MLA. As a member-based organization, we appreciate all the support we can get.

I'd like to become a member but I don't want my personal information to be published

This is not a problem! We can tailor the member directory in our Yearbook the way you want it to be. Just let us know when you are joining or renewing your membership, and we'll make sure that your information will stay confidential.

Can I help without being a member?

While we encourage you to become a member, you can still help us if you are not! As a volunteer-lead organization, we are always looking for extra hands.

Here's a list of volunteering opportunities:

  • Event planning
  • Volunteer at the Aquatic Regatta or Antique Boat Show
  • Water Quality Monitoring: collect samples, help us organize the equipment, do a delivery to the lab in Dorset...
  • Photography
  • Office help: if you like to shred, fold and organize documents let us know!
  • Volunteer at our annual Seedling Day
  • Help us get new members
We are open to any suggestions, please contact us by email or give us a call!

You can also see pictures and read more on the Volunteer page.

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