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A Service for Members

The MLA continually looks for ways to add value for its membership. One of the offerings is an MLA recommended Insurance Program for Cottages, homes, boats, cars and all your toys.  

Insurance can be your financial lifeline when you need it most. Understanding your needs and the products available are critical to ensure you are provided with value and are properly protected.

Avoid a financial disaster

“Mary the cottager” visits her cottage every weekend, all year long. Last year a winter storm caused a power outage to her cottage that lasted a couple of days. Her water pipes subsequently froze and burst and once power was restored. The resulting water damage caused extensive structural and cosmetic damage.

Mary had no idea that the power had gone out until she returned the following weekend. Her insurance company was immediately responsive; however, it was quickly determined that Mary had not complied with a key condition of her policy (All policies covering homes or cottages require that the premises be regularly checked when the owners are away during the regular heating season. Failing to meet that obligation can void coverage). 

Mary’s policy required her to have her cottage checked at least every 48 hours for visible damage and she was required to take all reasonable action to prevent potential disaster. Mary was totally unaware of these requirements in her policy and once it was determined that no one had visited the cottage in more than 2 days, and that Mary had not taken steps to protect her water system, her claim was denied.  An expensive lesson in insurance policy “rules”!

MLA Insurance Program

The MLA approached several insurance brokers to find a good fit for its members. Martin Merry & Reid of Toronto (MMR) was chosen as the recommended broker to provide service to members, including a complimentary Coverage Consultation. By request, MMR will evaluate your existing coverage in light of what you need to have covered. They’ll provide a written review of their findings, with recommendations for changes where appropriate. There will be no cost or obligation for this coverage consultation, but we are sure that they would be very pleased to provide a competitive quote for your consideration!

MMR is committed to providing MLA members with exceptional customer service and a representative will always be available to respond to inquiries by phone 888-744-3333 or 416-366-3333 or by email At policy renewal time, MMR will call clients personally to discuss required changes or updates to existing policies. Representatives will be available to meet with members in Muskoka or the GTA regions.   

Give them a call!


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