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MLA Position

Sugarloaf Island is a small island located in lower Lake Joseph. Over the winter of 2021, a large property on the island was clear cut and blasted in contravention of the Township's Site Alteration By-law.  The MLA is actively advocating for the Township to require the site to be remediated and the Township's bylaws and site plan agreements strengthened, and encourages anyone aligned with our views to sign the petition below.


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MLA Submissions

MLA Letter in Regards to Sugarloaf Island - June 22, 2021

MLA Delegation to TML's Planning Committee re Sugarloaf Island - July 16, 2021

MLA Letter to TML Planning Committee re Site Alteration - August 10, 2021

MLA Letter: Givertz Sugarloaf Application - October 13, 2021

Media Reports

Maclean's - "The battle for the soul of Muskoka" - July 19, 2022

The Star - "Stop work order issued for 2 properties on Lake Joseph Island, Muskoka" - June 25, 2021

National Post - "Blight on the lake: The fight over a mega-cottage in Muskoka" - September 29, 2021

TML Releases

TML Media Release: Stop Work Order Issued on Two Lake Joseph Properties - June 22, 2021

TML Media Release: Multiple Muskoka Lakes Property Owners Charged - June 25, 2021

Staff Report re Site Alteration - August 12, 2021

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