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MLA director 

Lisa Khoo heads management consulting and strategic communications firm LNK Consulting. She is a passionate supporter of the MLA’s vision and mission of preserving and enhancing Muskoka unique environment through responsible stewardship. She joined the Board in July 2023, serving on the Communications and Membership committee where she brings her communications insights as a former senior program leader with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. As Lake Muskoka island cottage owners,

Lisa and her husband have a deep love of lake life and the Muskoka community and consider it their second home. They enjoy swimming, sunsets, nature walks, and boating in their vintage Seabird. Lisa first started visiting Muskoka as a teenager, and as an adult she is grateful every day to be able to enjoy all Muskoka has to offer and share it with family and friends, including her niece, as the next generation.


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