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MLA director

Chris Cragg was a Principal Research Engineer at Kinectrics/Ontario Hydro working on environmental engineering and dam safety prior to retirement 20 years ago. He was also Chairman of the Ontario Society of Professional Engineers and Vice-President Finance for the Society of Energy Professionals.

Chris has a long history of volunteering in Muskoka, including water quality sampling since 2005, chairing the Water Quality program 2015-2023, Member of Watershed Council, Provincially appointed to the Muskoka Watershed Advisory Group, and Chairing the 1993 Antique Boat inaugural show in Gravenhurst. He also monitors lake water levels and writes the Flood Watch newsletter.
Chris’ maternal grandparents met in Muskoka and bought a cottage in the Beaumaris area in the 1920’s. He was fortunate to work in Muskoka during his teen years and continues to appreciate his good fortune by living there in retirement.

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