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​​​​​​The Muskoka Lakes Association is pleased to provide links to these E-Modules, prepared by Scott Ferguson, a member of the MLA Board, MLA Community Programs and MLA Communications and Membership Committee. These modules reflect the recommendations and opinions of Scott Ferguson and not necessarily those of the MLA. Viewers are advised that these E-Modules are provided for your information and are not intended to replace the need to review and follow all applicable boating and safety laws, guidelines, and regulations. It is important above all you you ensure you operate your vessels safely and cautiously for your protection and the protection of all who use and enjoy the lakes. Click on the headings below to learn more and to watch each E-Module. 

Boating Law, Safety and Courtesy

The law, safe boating practices and courtesy. Learn about "shared space", obey the speed limit- sign or no sign- especially in notoriously busy channels. observe right-of-way, prevent boat fires and explosions, protect yourself and your passengers against bad weather, cold weather and load, preserve our shores and do your part to ensure that everyone in your area of the lake has a great day in Muskoka.

Boating Departing and Landing

Learn both the science and art of maneuvering near shore. Depart from the with your boat - and your relationships - undamaged. Stop your boat skillfully and safely. Land your boat - sideways! - to amaze your family and friends. 

Towing Human Beings

Learn the responsibilities and signals of the driver, observer, person being towed and the cheering section on shore. Learn safe and effective take-offs and landings. Choose a speed a route that provide the optimal experience for the persons being towed. Approach a fallen skier, boarder or tuber in the water in a way that ensures their safety and peace of mind.

Safe and Enjoyable PWCing

Only about 10 feet in length, PWCs are less expensive than most boats (attractive to entry-level boaters), powerful (some have more horsepower than an SUV) and fast (up to 120Km/hr). Most have no rudder and not brakes. When you lend a PWC to family or friends, you have the duty of care to perform. Learn about "safe speed", rights of way. maneuvering skills, "neighbourly courtesy" and how to train your family and guest to have safe and enjoyable PWC experience in Muskoka. 

Boating Basic Navigation

Never pass on the wrong side of any buoy again! Don't get lost. Keep off the rocks. Gain the freedom to explore all of our lakes. "Muskoka...once discovered, never forgotten". Skills that are easy to learn. 

Safe and Enjoyable Night Boating 

One of the lesser known pleasure of Muskoka is cruising beneath the majesty of summer's night sky. Almost all night boating tragedies are preventable. Learn five ways that night boating is unique. Consider the case against using car-style headlight. Pick up tips from pilots who fly at night. Learn 12 ways to stay safe including how to detect boats that don't have lights so you don't hit them. Learn how safe and enjoyable night boating can enrich your Muskoka experience.

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