Media Release - Owner Pleads Guilty to Charges and Multiple Property Owners Issued Orders to Remedy

MUSKOKA LAKES – Following Provincial Offences Court proceedings, a Brandy Lake property owner plead guilty to charges laid under the Township Site Alteration By-law 2008-56 and received a fine as a result. An Order to Remedy had also been previously issued to the subject property, as well as two properties on Lake Joseph’s Sugarloaf Island and a property on Fish Hatchery Road. 

The Orders to Remedy require the submission of re-naturalization plans and restoration of the sites to the satisfaction of the Township, all in accordance with the recommendations of a qualified environmental professional. Failure to comply with the Orders could result in further charges laid against the property owners.

“Property owners must be held accountable for their actions and the initial charges are only part of the process,” says Mayor Harding. “The second part - The Order to Remedy is by far the most important and will involve restoration of the property at the cost of the owner. These remediation efforts are directed by the Township and are based on input from experts in environmental fields.”
Charges related to the violations of the Township’s Site Alteration and Township Tree Preservation By-laws on two individual properties on Lake Joseph’s Sugarloaf Island have been adjourned to the earliest court date of October 27, 2021. Charges related to a violation of the Township’s Site Alteration By-law on a Fish Hatchery Road property have been adjourned to September 15, 2021. 

“In response to often flagrant disregard to our By-laws, Township Council has dramatically increased its By-Law Enforcement through its 2021 Budget and we are starting to see the effects,” says Mayor Harding. “Residents of Muskoka Lakes need to be aware that the consequences of violating By-laws can go beyond fines. The restoration of properties can add significant expense to the monetary penalties imposed by the courts, as well as delays in the completion of projects.”

The Township of Muskoka Lakes is committed to protecting the natural environment and helping owners achieve approval through compliance with regulations. Property owners who 
have questions regarding what you can or can’t do on a property to maintain by-law compliance are asked to contact By-law Enforcement at 705-765-3156. 

For more information, please contact:
David Pink
Director of Development Services and Environmental Sustainability
(705) 765-3156