Muskoka Broadband Intiative


Broadband access has been identified as a key priority for both residents and businesses by the District and the Muskoka Economic Recovery Task Force (MERTF). Several federal and or provincial funding programs are anticipated, including the one recently announced by the federal government.

How can you help? Test Your Internet Speed to Help Build Better Access to Broadband in Muskoka!

To help position Muskoka to take best advantage of these broadband funding programs, MERTF is working with partners to identify needs through speed testing and gap analysis. To help with that work, the Task Force is encouraging all residents and business owners in Muskoka to test the speeds of their current internet service using a tool available at : link)

Gap Analysis

To find out more about what type of service was available and where, the District is working with Blue Sky, a Government of Canada corporation that specializes in broadband, to conduct a gap analysis. This analysis will help identify and map the level of broadband service available at homes and businesses throughout Muskoka and will be available for your viewing in the future.

Take the Muskoka Internet Speed Test!

This speed test is a free tool that measures the internet speed and service quality at your home or business. The test was developed by the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) and with one click you will be able to determine your:

  • Download Speed (how fast you can transfer data FROM the internet)
  • Upload Speed (how fact you can transfer data TO the internet)

Participating will also help ensure that internet speed and quality needs of Muskoka are better known and understood. By taking part in the test you will help provide Muskoka with a better view of the broadband needs of the entire District, information that will be important for planning purposes. Take the test as often as possible, as results can vary as internet traffic varies.

Begin Test(External link)

In about 30-seconds, the test will be done. Please be advised that the information gathered is secure, private, and anonymous.