Fall Leaf and Yard Waste Cleanup

District of Muskoka Communications

The skyline in Muskoka is changing and that means fall cleanup is just around the corner.

Residents have three options for leaf and yard waste cleanup.

Ways to get rid of your leaves: 

  • Urban areas with green bin service: Curbside collection is scheduled on Saturday, Oct. 16 and Saturday, Oct. 30 starting at 7 a.m.   
  • Leave your leaves! Mulch leaves and leave them on the lawn for healthy grass next summer.
  • Deliver residential leaf and yard waste to a licensed waste facility at no charge. We’ll compost it! 

Residents are asked to follow the below guidelines for curbside collection:

  • Use paper yard waste bags or open-top containers (ie. a garbage can) that can be dumped;
  • No plastic or compostable bags;
  • Set at the curb no later than 7 a.m. to ensure collection;
  • Any bundled twigs must be tied together and must not exceed two inches in diameter;
  • The bundle must be no longer than three feet, and no wider than two feet – so the bundle will fit into the designated slot in the truck;
  • Please ensure each bag or container does not exceed 44 lbs.

The District of Muskoka reminds residents that leaves are not collected as part of weekly curbside garbage limits. Ensuring leaf and yard waste doesn’t enter the garbage stream is an important part of the waste management strategy to extend the life of the Rosewarne Landfill and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 

When buried in the landfill, leaves create methane (a greenhouse gas) as they break down. Diverting this material allows us to create valuable compost, used as a soil amendment.