Rob Bosomworth

MLA and Friends of Muskoka Endorsed Candidate for Ward C Councillor, Township of Muskoka Lakes

Background and Connection to Muskoka 

Rob has been coming to Muskoka all of his life. His family has been cottaging here since 1884.  He has one daughter and two grandsons. He spends about half the year in Muskoka enjoying both summer and winter activities and the rest of the time  at his home in Toronto. 

Rob retired in 2015 from a publicly-traded high tech start-up company based in Markham and Palo Alto where he was CFO. Previous to that he worked for IBM in various senior management financial roles including international experience in Brazil and the Caribbean.

Relevant Experience (political and community)

Rob served for eight years on the board of the Muskoka Lakes Association in the late 1990/early 2000.  He currently serves as a Board member of Safe Quiet Lakes and is chair of the national Decibel Coalition. The Coalition is working with lake associations, municipalities and police forces from BC, Ontario and Quebec to encourage Transport Canada to update the regulations for small vessels to sinclude decibel limits on boat motor noise.   

 Four years ago, like many in Muskoka, the development at Legacy Cottages was a wake-up call about development on our shorelines. Rob wanted to get involved and be part of the needed change. He applied to and was accepted as a member of the Committee of Adjustment for the Township of Muskoka Lakes.  Through this experience, Rob has gained significant knowledge about the Official Plan and bylaws and the issues facing this next term of Council.

Rob’s Priorities for the Township 

  1. Environment First: Policies must be viewed through the lens of protecting and enhancing the environment

  2. Respectful, Responsible Development: “The construction, maintenance and service of lakefront properties is a very significant industry in Muskoka, providing economic wellbeing to hundreds of families. Township policies need to be supportive while prioritizing the long term need to protect this precious environment.”

  3. FIscal Responsibility: “Tax increases should be in line with inflation.  Increases above inflation should be fully justified and clearly explained to the ratepayers.”

  4. By-Laws need to be economically and effectively enforceable. 

  5. Support for Local Residents through affordable housing in urban centres, improved public access to lakes, support for community centres

  6. Current issues with Short Term Rentals need an effective, enforceable, affordable solution.  

In response to the question "Why have you decided to run?" in a recent muskokaregion article, Rob says: "Our shorelines are under threat of subdivisions posing as resorts and excessive rock blasting and tree removal on our beautiful shorelines. We can do better. I want to help protect and enhance our most important asset, the environment, while promoting a vibrant economy."