Resort Over Development

The Muskoka Lakes Association needs to make you aware of a very significant threat to the environment and lifestyle of Muskoka. The District of Muskoka is considering a policy change that will result in an alarming increase in the number of condos and residential communities on the Muskoka waterfront.

What you should know:

Important letter to Everyone who loves Muskoka  (Posted Oct 24, 2017)

MLA Launches Fund Raising Campaign To Combat Resort Over Development  (Posted Nov 7, 2017)

MLA  Resort Over Development Update   (Posted Nov 25, 2017)

Important Meeting at Township of Muskoka Lakes Dec 14, 2017  (Posted Dec 9, 2017)

What you can do:

Here is a contact list of Councilors for the District and the local municipalities. If you have not al-ready emailed them to voice your displeasure with their plans, please do so.

Two ways to donate:
By Cheque - please forward a cheque payable to “MLA” marked “Save Muskoka” to the following address. MLA, Box 298, 65 Joseph St. Port Carling, ON P0B 1J0
By Credit Card – please call the MLA at 705 765-5723 Monday to Friday during business hours.

We regret that donations to causes such as these are not tax deductible.
For best results, and for our own planning purposes, we request that you make your contribution by March 15th, 2018. If you have any questions, please call the MLA office or email me at

Letters to Township of Muskoka Lakes and District of Muskoka

Letter to District of Muskoka RE: Muskoka Official Plan Review – Draft Policies re Resorts Development D6 (Posted May 17, 2017)

MLA Lawyers Letter to Council & Muskoka Lakes  (Posted Nov 14, 2017)

Cottagers oppose changes to Muskoka Official Plan (Posted Nov 16, 2017)

Minett Zoning Changes (Posted Nov 17, 2017)

Lake Rosseau North Association - Supports MLA over development cause (Posted Nov 20, 2017)

Letter to District re Minett sections of the MOP-Decxember 20-17 (Posted January 4, 2018)

Letter to District Council Goodmans-December 20-17 (Posted January 4, 2018)

Letters of Support to Stop the Resort Over Development

Brandy Lake


Lake Joe Cottagers

Friends of Muskoka

Ms. C.K.D. Seagram

Ross Clarke

The Wilsons

The Bortolus

Media Articles

Muskoka Ratepayers Association - Commercial Resort Properties  (Posted Nov 14, 2017)

Muskoka Ratepayers Association Township Watch (Posted Nov 15, 2017)

Globe & Mail - Ontario's Muskoka cottagers wary of proposals to ease development limits (Posted Nov 21, 2017)

Globe & Mail - Ontario Cottage Country to reconsider development limits around lakes. (Posted Nov 23, 2017)

Muskoka - Backlash prompts review of Muskoka OP resort-residential proposal (Posted Nov 24, 2017)

Muskoka Mayor defends "palace" remark (Posted Jan 12, 2018)

Township of Muskoka Lakes defers comments on Legacy Cottages  (Posted Jan 16, 2018)

Muskoka Lakes Council votes unanimously for review of Minett Development (Posted Jan 18, 2018)

Friend of Muskoka    The Friends of Muskoka is a coalition of cottage associations, local residents, environmentalists, farmers and local business people who are concerned about the future of our communities in Muskoka.  The Friends of Muskoka advocate for responsible economic development, environment protection and preservation of Muskoka’s unique character, in order to ensure its economic well-being and to preserve its natural environment for future generations.  . The MLA works collaboratively with the Friends of Muskoka and is pleased to share these posts with MLA members, which are a sample of the fine work being done by the Friends group.

Brief of Experts   (Posted November 2017)

Summary of Experts  (Posted January 2018)

CV's of Experts    (Posted November 2017)

Video - SAVE MUSKOKA - Legacy Development (Posted December 13, 2017)

TML voted to Review Minett Development  (Posted January 14, 2018)  (Posted January 19, 2018)

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