Happy summer to all!

Please join us in our Kids Photo Scavenger Hunt, which we hope is as exciting to you as it is for us! To the right is a list of all the items we ask are found, photographed, and submitted in order to be considered for the prize. 

Remember that this contest is open only to members and their families (15 and under). Have fun and be creative!

  • An MLA flag: if you can’t find one, be creative
  • Someone jumping into the lake
  • A Muskoka chair
  • A nice sunset: think colourful!
  • A sand castle
  • A white pine tree (5 needles per bunch)
  • A fern (look at the forest floor!)
  • A bird in a tree: chickadee, red-winged blackbird, blue jay, cardinal, sparrow… the possibilities are endless
  • A flower in bloom
  • A frog or a toad
  • A boat in the water
  • A nest of any kind
  • A turtle: check out our turtle seminar on July 9th at the Port Carling Community Centre
  • A maple leaf
  • A beaver dam
  • A healthy cottage shoreline
  • The starry night sky
  • A mammal: bunny, beaver, squirrel, fox, deer…
  • A picture at an MLA event, past or present: Regatta, a seminar, boat show
  • Free card: a photo of anything you love in Muskoka in summertime!


  • Open from July 1- August 31, 2017
  • Members only
    • What does this mean? Submissions must be by an MLA member (name listed or eligible to be listed in MLA yearbook)
  • Kids under 15 years old only
  • Must enter submissions on our survey monkey using the link provided
  • Must agree to release/consent question ahead of submitting
  • We ask that all photos be included in order to be considered for the contest