No Wake Signs

The MLA has begun a pilot project this summer that involved providing, at member request, a NO WAKE sign suitable for placement on PRIVATE PROPERTY ONLY. This project is an expansion of Safe Quiet Lakes’ ( SQL ) Wakes and Speeds Traffic Calming project started this spring. This was formerly The Mirror Lake Traffic Calming Project. These NO WAKE signs have been designed by SQL. The MLA has already ordered and distributed 50 co-branded SQL and MLA signs.  We feel NO WAKE signs will indeed promote awareness and be a traffic calming solution.

In Muskoka a vessel must limit its speed to 9 KMH within 30 m of the shore or of a dock, pier, raft, floating platform or another vessel that is anchored, moored or underway, and does not apply to a vessel moving perpendicularly away from the shore while it is being used for water skiing or kite flying while the water skier or kite flyer is in the process of taking off

We would invite our members to ask us for one of these signs (, if you feel you are in an area where boats are regularly travelling within 30 metres of your docks at speed, creating substantial waves.

We will require the following information should you request a sign:

  1. First and last name
  2. Property address
  3. A picture of the area where the sign will go

PLEASE NOTE: At this time we do have a wait list going for this pilot project, if you want to participate or have any questions, we encourage you to reach out to us at

We hope to continue the program based on interest and feedback from those who have participated in it this year.