No Wake Signs

The MLA began a pilot project in the summer of 2020 that involved providing, at member request, a NO WAKE sign suitable for placement on private property only. This project was an expansion of Safe Quiet Lakes’ ( SQL ) Wakes and Speeds Traffic Calming project started in the  spring of 2020.  The NO WAKE signs have been designed by SQL. The MLA ordered and distributed 50 co-branded SQL and MLA signs. The members who had the signs provided us with feedback which led to a re-design of the sign. Signs are now larger 24x24 and the words NO WAKE are the largest and most prominent part of the sign, with the image of the loon removed.

We believe these NO WAKE signs will indeed promote awareness to other boaters and be a traffic calming solution.

In Muskoka a vessel must limit its speed to 9 KMH within 30 m of the shore or of a dock, pier, raft, floating platform or another vessel that is anchored, moored or underway, and does not apply to a vessel moving perpendicularly away from the shore while it is being used for water skiing or kite flying while the water skier or kite flyer is in the process of taking off.

We are now selling the newly re-designed signs for $20.00 including tax.

If you would like to purchase a sign, you can do so online by going to the MLA Merchandise Tab - click here or you can email us at or contact the office by phone 705-765-5723. 

Be #WakeAware

The Be #WakeAware video below was shot by Jake Thomas of Wiley Productions. The three financial and distribution supporters of the video include the Muskoka Lakes Association (MLA), Safe Quiet Lakes (SQL) and the Federation of Ontario Cottagers' Association (FOCA).

As an MLA member, we need your help to spread the word. Many boaters in Muskoka and across Ontario are unaware of the impact their wakes can have and how to mitigate that impact.

Please visit and share both this webpage and the embedded video to help make all boaters in Muskoka Be #WakeAware.