MLA Food Drive 2020

It's that time!

As summer winds down we want to remind you of our Annual Food Drive! Each year we rotate our donations between three of the largest food banks in Muskoka. Mana, West Muskoka and The Salvation Army,
This year we have decided to support all three!

Due to the current pandemic things are looking a little different. The only food bank accepting food donations is Salvation Army.
Mana and West Muskoka Food bank have asked for monetary donations only. They will use the money donated to go to the store themselves to purchase food, so it is not passed through so many hands.
We will have only one Drop-Off bin this year and it will be at the MLA office, located at 65 Joseph Street in Port Carling. We encourage you to place non-perishable food items in the bin that we will bring to Salvation Army.
For those who want to donate to the other food banks, or those who prefer to donate cash in place of food we have provided below the address of each food bank, along with ways to donate. We ask that all monetary donations are made and sent directly to the food banks.

Next year we hope to connect with our local business again and partner together to participate by hosting a bin at various locations.

This year is more important than ever to make the donations. Thank you for your continued support.

The food drive will run from August 31 - October 15.

 Please send payment to the address below and make your cheque payable to:


West Muskoka Food Bank
1045 Brown Rd
Port Carling ON
P0C 1J0

Manna Food Bank
PO Box 462
Bracebridge ON
P1L 1T8

 Gravenhurst Salvation Army
620 Muskoka Rd. N
Gravenhurst ON
P1P 1T7

For food donation please visit The Salvation Army at their location in Gravenhurst:

The Salvation Army Gravenhurst
620 Muskoka Rd. N
Gravenhurst ON
P1P 1T7