Gord Roberts

MLA and Friends of Muskoka Endorsed Candidate for Ward B Councillor, Township of Muskoka Lakes

Gord Roberts has been a Township Councillor in Ward B for the past four years, and provides the following explanation as to why he has “the qualifications and experience to help the Township of Muskoka Lakes and the people of Muskoka Lakes.”

Background and Relevant Experience

“Gord’s business career of 40 years was primarily involved in managing complex projects. This experience has enabled him to succeed in the non business environment in Muskoka over the past 30 years. He knows how to listen to people, assess viewpoints and provide guidance. Importantly, Gord knows how to lead a team to get things done.

In 2004 he spearheaded a project to establish a stakeholders group for Leonard Lake. He formed the Leonard Lake Stakeholders Association (LLSA) and was its inaugural President. As a LLSA Board member he directed the Association’s water quality initiatives. LLSA is now one of the most effective lake associations in Muskoka - please see Leonardlake.net

In 2014 Gord joined the Milford Bay Community Centre Board of Directors and became Chair. He understands very well the needs of this community.”

Township Experience

In 2018, Gord was elected as Township of Muskoka Lakes Councillor – Ward B. Over the next four years, he was fully engaged and committed to his responsibilities on the Township Council. He was Chair of the Official Plan Working Committee and Co-Chair of the Parks and Trails Committee. In addition, he encouraged the development of Plans for 5 lakes and has worked hard to have them included in the Official Plan.

Those who have worked alongside Gord have experienced first-hand his work ethic and enthusiasm. Gord’s willingness to listen quietly and carefully to viewpoints has been evident. Gord’s personal commitment to things that really matter to the people of Muskoka Lakes has been consistently demonstrated. Of importance - Gord knows the Township, the staff, and the needs of his constituents. Gord knows how to get things done in municipal government. 

Gord is committed to preserving the quality of the water in Muskoka because he understands the well being of everyone living and working here is clearly dependent on it. To Gord, water quality is not just an environmental issue but a fundamental factor in Muskoka’s economic success or failure. “If water quality deteriorates so does tourism, property values, local job opportunities and personal incomes.”