Glenn Zavitz

MLA and Friends of Muskoka Endorsed Candidate for Ward A Councillor, Township of Muskoka Lakes

Glenn has been a Township Councillor in Ward A for the past four years, and is strongly aligned in his decisions and comments with responsible development and waterfront issues.  Glenn provides the following explanation of why he is running again and the key challenges he forsees in the next term of council:

“The Zavitz name has a 110 year, 7 generational presence on Torrance Bay in the Ward A locale, a primary driver in my  interest to seek re-election for the Councillor position in this 2022 Municipal election.  4 children, along with their partners and 4 grandchildren take every opportunity to visit and spend time with my wife Chris and I in Muskoka Lakes as a family.   

These last 4 years on Council have been a whirlwind, as a member of the Planning Committee, Chair of the General & Finance Committee and Council Representative on the Economic Development Committee and, importantly, Chair of the Budget process annually. Habitat For Humanity #BalaBuild is an excellent Community Initiative I am proud to be a part of. Learning, understanding, comprehending…a challenging cross-section of flooding, Covid, Minett Development, The Official Plan and a myriad of Master Plans to name a few has set a course for future generations to enjoy all this place can offer its visitors and most importantly, our Taxpaying Residents. 

Particularly, some of my proudest moments during this term of Council were raising my hand YAY when the right thing was called for and NAY when, well, it wasn’t! These are weighty decisions, arrived at through reams of intelligence, background, research and Staff intel. Likely the most illuminating role a Councillor plays is one of ‘bridge to the community’ where taxpayer engagement, recognition and acknowledgement is paramount. I make every effort to respond when constituents call, text and email. Vital to our communicative link is always establishing and maintaining relationships with your Public…that was, is and will remain my mantra.

Standing ready to serve these next 4 years, I remain vigilant to our water, our environment and our way of life here in the Township. But, that will not be enough…many pressures are upon us which will require intelligent, thoughtful dialogue and consideration.  Staff Housing, Development pressures, Short Term Rentals and Township infrastructure challenges will combine with Budget concerns to confound those tasked with a way forward. I am up to this challenge of change and look forward to the continuous improvement mindset now entrenched with Staff and Council…working together.”

In response to the question "Why have you decided to run?" in a recent muskokaregion article, Glenn says: "Past experiences now stand me in good stead to continue on with our strategic plan and the various master plans, including the official plan under construction and requiring completion/execution at Muskoka Lakes. I enjoy working with constituents and staff alike, problem-solving and continuous improvement as top priorities."

1040 Neal’s Rd #21                                                             
Torrance On P0C 1M0